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Learn more about the decision to market our building for sale

After owning the property for 35+ years and underutilizing its space compared to the size of our staff and operations, United Way Blackhawk Region has made the decision to put its building up for sale. This decision was not made hastily, and due diligence was conducted to ensure we’re making the right decision for our organization, community partners, and other stakeholders.

This page was created to provide information about the sale, the process we undertook before arriving at this decision, and to answer potential questions we anticipate hearing from the community. Please use the links below to read our press release and view the sale listing, or peruse our list of frequently asked questions further down the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is United Way’s building for sale?

United Way Blackhawk Region (UWBR)’s building and its adjoining two parking lots (located in downtown Janesville) are too big for UWBR and drastically underutilized. UWBR occupies approximately 22% of its 8,193 square foot building. We aim to right-size and ideally relocate our office between the communities of Beloit and Janesville.

How was this decided?

For more than five years, UWBR’s volunteer Building & Property Committee has contemplated a long-term strategy for the building located 205 N. Main St., Janesville. United Way sought an appraisal in August 2018, pursued a competitive market analysis in October 2021, has conducted significant financial analysis, and discussed at great length the pros and cons of a potential sale of this capital asset. UWBR prides itself on conducting due diligence in the spirit of responsible stewardship.

Is United Way facing financial hardship?

UWBR’s strong financial position does not require the sale of the building nor is there a sense of urgency to do so. A potential sale would allow UWBR to downsize its office space and invest the proceeds in our endowment. Raising more than $2 Million dollars to support local health and human services year-after-year is no easy feat, but this sale is about efficiency and stewardship. Right-sizing and relocating to a smaller facility could conserve operational and maintenance costs.

Is United Way leaving the Blackhawk Region?

No. Nothing in terms of UWBR’s commitment to the Blackhawk Region will change. UWBR’s service territory still includes all of Rock County, WI and communities in northern Winnebago County, IL, namely – Rockton, Roscoe, and South Beloit. As a regional organization governed by a local board of directors, UWBR would prefer to be centrally located between Beloit and Janesville.

Are there any tenants leasing space within the building?

No. In the past, UWBR marketed its available suites to small nonprofits for lease which generated additional annual revenue. The responsibilities associated with serving as a landlord are not a value-add for UWBR’s mission. Post-pandemic, interest in leasing has waned as small teams became even more efficient adopting hybrid or fully remote models. Only UWBR’s lean team of 4 FTE work within the facility and convene monthly board and/or volunteer committees at the building.

Is the revitalization of Downtown Janesville inspiring United Way to sell the building?

It’s undeniable there’s been a thrilling renaissance taking place in downtown Janesville. As strong community partners, UWBR aspires to help, not hinder this exciting progress. Owning a riverfront property near the retail and entertainment district is not essential to UWBR’s mission or impact.

Where will community members go for services?

It’s a misconception that services are rendered to individual community members at UWBR’s building. UWBR mobilizes resources via an annual fundraising campaign and through a volunteer-driven process, awards highly competitive grants to health and human services programs. In other words, UWBR is not a direct service provider. UWBR encourages neighbors in need of resources to call, text or download the 211 Wisconsin App to get connected to the help they need.

How long has United Way owned the building?

Built in 1966 and purchased by United Way (of North Rock County) in 1988, United Way has owned and maintained the building for 35 years. After the unification of the former Stateline United Way and United Way of North Rock County to form United Way Blackhawk Region in 2012, all staff eventually consolidated at the downtown Janesville office and discontinued the lease for its office space in Beloit.

How much could UWBR save in property tax expenses?

As a tax-exempt, 501 C3 nonprofit organization, UWBR has only paid pro-rated property taxes on any portion of the building occupied by private businesses. Since its unification in 2012, only one private sector renter has occupied space within the building. All other leases were previously issued to nonprofit organizations on a year-to-year basis.

When was the last appraisal conducted?

In 2018, UWBR’s volunteer-driven Building & Property Committee selected L.A. Duesterbeck & Associates, a regional appraisal firm with offices in Janesville, Appleton, and Racine, Wisconsin. Since 1973, the firm has specialized in the appraisal of commercial, industrial, multifamily, and special purpose properties, as well as vacant land of all types. All the firm’s appraisers have Certified General Appraiser certifications, the highest certification level granted by the State of Wisconsin.

What’s next?

UWBR continues to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and open communication and will keep our supporters apprised of any next steps.

Who do I contact for more info?

Questions or concerns may be directed to UWBR President & CEO Mary Fanning-Penny at 608.314.8422 or Those interested in making an offer to purchase the building, may contact Mike Venable with Commercial Property Group, LLC at 608.554.2720 or visit